Every Program built to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
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Social Media Planning
Digital Strategy
Radio Promotion
Making Money
Productivity Software
Electronic Press Kit
Responsive Website
Branding Included
Social Profile
Branding Included

Maximum Impact

Without Hesitation.

It is possible to achieve in two years what most artists do in ten.

Absolutely No Tricks

Except the ones we teach you!

Music is your passion...

NOW Make it your life.

DIY doesn't mean you're Alone.

We Are Here To Help.

Band Feeling Dated or Out Of Touch?

Lets us design a digital strategy for you...
and show you how to use and update it!

Next level skills.
No BS Mentoring and Coaching.

We are independent music industry pros who know the artist.

We understand that you have more questions than answers and we are going to change that.

We’ve designed this program for several reasons. One of the reasons is Artist Development. The fact is, there is a serious lack of it in Canada.

The first step starts with you wanting to develop. We have the tools and knowledge to help elevate your career beyond expectations.

Being indie will thoroughly show you in detail what to avoid, and what not to miss in your growing career, before you head down the road to success!!!  

The Being Indie Artist Program is 12 weeks of one on one web based private instruction** that can be shared live with the whole band. You will come out this with knowledge to succeed as well as a  Full Responsive Website, Electronic Press Kit and High Resolution Logo Design.

We will also feature industry special guests* to interact with you and answer questions.(Producers, Radio Programmers, Concert Promoters, Music Attorneys, Staff from Top Recording Studios, SOCAN Staff and more)  

Next level skills. No BS Mentoring and Coaching live every week from your jam space or living room. Built to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

*Participation varies and depends on availability
**Topics covered but not limited to: Touring, Booking, Advanced Social Media, Fan accumulation, Digital Distribution, Legal, Branding, Marketing and Image Design, producers, Making money in music, Licensing, Publishing, Grants, Productivity, SOCAN, Merchandise Management, Live presentation, Over-all confidence boosting and reality checks as well as anything else on your mind…

When to promote to radio?

How can I get the opening acts I want?

How do we get on an agents radar?

How do I get more press coverage for my band?

Social Media Instruction

Complete review and instruction

latest social media techniques and real world examples.
We will show you how to use analytics to your advantage.
What’s new? what’s working? and where are your fans at?

Productivity Tools

Todays music industry is a busy one.

we’ll show you the latest techniques, apps and tools and structure a custom system so you can do what you do best….WRITE and PLAY!

Digital Strategy

Artist branding is digital.

We will walk you through digital branding what it is, how to use it and various strategies to get your name out there. There is lots to cover so lets get started….

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Get your music career heading in the right direction for 2016.
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Radio Promotions

When to go for radio promotion?

What is tracking? The Ins and Outs of Canadian Radio and if it’s right for you.

Touring and Gigs

Get The Best Out Of Every Show

We’ll be spending a lot of time in this area. There is nothing more important to a rising artist than a healthy touring schedule. We will teach you how to get the shows and guarantees you want.

Grants and Fund Raising

Money is out there.

We’ll go through the various Canadian organizations that offer artist relief. We will also cover many types of fundraising ideas that may work for you.

Booking Agencies and Labels

Still the gateway to a successful career

How to set yourself up to make them notice you. How to approach and when. How to maximize what they can offer. Good contracts and bad contracts…know the difference.

Website, Logo and Profiles Included

You Heard Us Right!

Full responsive modern website, high resolution multi-style logo design and social profile (twitter, FB, youtube) design included in the program.

Inside The Industry

Dispell the myths. Reveal the Truths.

We will be dispelling and revealing various truths and myths within the industry.

Making Money in 2016

Dolla Dolla Bills y’all!

Seriously thoough…We will consistently be exploring strategies and various money making tips and tricks as well as tried and true methods of maintaining a steady career and money flow.

Guest Industry Speakers

We have reached out to the industry’s finest movers and shakers. They have agreed to spend time with you! We work with these people…

top industry professionals from Entertainment Lawyers, Talent Buyers, Press Personalities,

Radio Personalities, World Leading Producers / Engineers, Agents and much more to come!

Hear it from the source no more bullshit!

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